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If Only You Knew - текст песни

If Only You Knew


If only you knew

how much i do

do love you

I never really had the chance mija to show that i cared.

If I could see you once then you'd know i'd be there

i dont really know what happened. why we broke things off

Maybe it happened to fast when we started it off

All i know is that i miss you I don't see you no more

And when i'm hittin your cell you don't answer no more

And i dont even remember what we fightin for

So just out of no where we aint tight no more

Now everything around me aint right no more

Mama everything is dark there aint light no more

Still think a whole lot about you mama wonderin what you doin

wonderin what you think about look at what im losin

Maybe you just scared cus im always on the road

but id give it all up just to chill wit you yo

And i dont think you realize how much this fucks me up

So heres a rola for you mija just to say whats up


Yea and on the reals though i was up to settle down

probably the most sincere soul that ive been around

i aint ever been the type for all the serious shit

but when i met you i was game now im missin that shit

you aint ever did me wrong and always showed me respect

in that short time we spent i will never forget

one of the few that i trusted enough to get near with

type of ruka i could just kick back and drink beer with

Hope you know this song (Texts of songs ) is for you when you hear it

still got a place in my heart your always in spirit

now im back on my feet now it wasnt that easy

alot of cases of corona mija believe me

alot of days have come and gone and with time all heals

but i think these wounds are permanent theyll never heal

cus without you in my vida the world aint real

and i aint the same when you aint here


All this time that youve been dissin me aint even missin me

sendin me flowers and shit but you werent listening

not much i can say guess i got to move on

get on with my hustle suck it up n be strong

Girl i hope you know i miss you

you just dont know how much

maybe sometime when your lonely youll get in touch

and when the vato that your runnin with fucks you around

call me up ill be there to pick you up off the ground

not much with me happenin just writin and rappin

still hittin them stages for major wages

wished you were here with me seein all these places

over seas tours spendin president faces

your place in my heart cant no one replace it

not havin you around me yea i hates it

your the only one to take my heart and brake it

the smile on my face aint real i just fake it


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