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A Symphony in Moonlight And Nightmares - текст песни

A Symphony in Moonlight And Nightmares

Opus 1: Veiled with Threads one Age before

Grief and dread lurk
In this land of moodiness
Throe amd agony reign
In my pallid body
Forlorn alone in solitude
And depressed without her
I feel how I fade
No one can avoid this spell
Cold are walls of castle
Statues bewail her
Mournful is my glance
Bloodred are my tears
Love and pride
Are vanished with dawn
Light are severed threads
And entwine me in darkness

My soul is dying with her
Burning eden in my eyes
Forever she falls asleep
With kiss of solar rays

By last wintersunset
Lust opens my veins
Darkstorm invokes you
To be my bride again

Angels are suffering in crypts of dead
From their kingdom they are dethroned

Bitter in this earth
On which thistle grows
Twilight are my forests
In white winter snow
Mystic humidy winds
From Carpathia visit me
Waving boughs and blade
Whisper for those who are dead

Lucid rivers sink within me till I rise
Below moonlight amid blizzard infernal
Wolves drink my tears
Licking scalds of time
Connection of sex and dusk
We are once
With your beauty and attractiveness
I was always enthralled
And then you have one winter morning
Disappeared with forgotten dawn

Bloodred sky - tragedy sign
Lycantrophy moon
Werevolves and ghosts - creatures of night
Transylvanian doom

Opus 2: Infernal Howling through Pathless Silence

Symphony of moonlight and nightmares
Opening gates of visions
And my disaster
On grave of celestial being
Wolves howl and cry
Remember my princess these words
Again we will fly

In this theatre of silence
Where time has no sense
In endless I will see
My angel dance
Dramatic hysteria
Mirrors without reflection
Phantomic reality
Vampiric agony...

Mysterious secrets keep
Land beyond black glass
Throwned world from god
Without glimmer of hope
Eternal hunger for living blood
Nocturnal lost paradise

Majesty dawn is approaching
Pleasure of quiet pain ands
Know that you always will be
My queen of dreaming death.

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