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Stressin - текст песни


[Celly Cel]

I'm stressed out nigga, I'm stressed out nigga

Sittin' on my bed, starin' at the roof

loadin' up my strap, puttin on my bulletproof

these niggas gettin shady in the streets of snake enem

wanna fill me with venum but I got heaters in my denums

They think I ain't gonna do 'em, Im a make 'em all believers

send 'em to the morgue, walk his momma to the freezer

identify the body "a lady is dat cho baby"

lookin like swiss cheese smellin like gravy

they talkin like they wanna see me so I'm in they face look 'em in

the eyes fo' I had they ass erased

You wanna play we can spray all day

what chu niggas say " I bring the funk where you stay"

You can't handle this scandalous nigga raised by the streets

live and die by the heat and all i want is bloody meat (bloody meat)

Just ta live ta see another dayis a blessin'

why i got ta be the one stuck in stress

[Chorus: x2]

Been thru alot a shit I ain't the one ta test

feel like I'm goin crazy in this land full a stress

(I'm stressed out nigga, I'm stressed out nigga)

Tryin ta get some money these niggas wanna off me

homies wanna see me fall bitches wanna cross me

(I'm stressed out nigga, I'm stressed out nigga)

[Celly Cel]

What they gonna do with me, cause I don't fuck them suckers

they ain't cool with me

Act a fool with me and see the G waitin ta come

out, Magnum catch 'em on the run it's on

fools don't understand how I shoot this shit

got my steel toes on bout ta boot this bitch

in the ass, thinkin's she's gonna get a pass from me

you either jump out da trunk come and blast with me

on the enemy the henasy be blurin my vision

i might make the wrong decesion

if you planin on livin

don't fuckin wit a hog give me daft and bass

or yo homey gonna be sayin this is for my

homies pourin out a fory ounce

reminsion wishin ya'll was still on a mission

but yo punk ass wouldn't listen itchin ta take my

frustations out on the next man with no question

cause I'm stressin

[Chorus x2]

[Celly Cel]

Ain't nothin left ta do but drink brew

kick it with my crew and think about makin revenues

I didn't choose ta struggle but cha got ta be under

before ya bubble and the big game pays double

so i had ta get my hands on that

when ya in the hood ain't no other players than that,

that microsoft computer chip waddn't important

the only way ta college is if ya ball like jordan

grip like griffey hittin homers in the majors

cut back an charge like terel davis

if it aint like that then ya stuck out here with me

start wonderin why if ya still livin then ya a g

tommarow aint promised motherfuckers

eat shit and die i run the streets and be a hustler

if they cross me i'm a put they ass ta rest

dont be fuckin with a nigga when hes stressin

[Chorus x3]

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