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Give You What You Want (Remix) - текст песни

Give You What You Want (Remix)

(feat. Trina)


Uh, Trina, Chico

Yeah, Slip-N-Side collabo

Uh-huh, where ya at?

Untouchables, Soul Central uh in da house

Trey plus

So you wanna be a baller, huh?

Won't you write my number down?

Chico call me ma and I'mma call you pop

And I'mma make ‘em drop but only if I have to

Career once I get a tattoo

Nice shape, ass fat too

I wanna do it at a Heat game

Can you give me what I want man?

Three sets I want the wealth

Cause I'm a freak and I'm made fo' self

[Chico Debarge]

Baby, baby, let's take our time (time)

Cause if we gonna do it

Might as well do it right (right)

Lock the doors, turn off the phone (phone)

Shut the windows cause girl it's on (it's on)

All alone, just me and you (you)

Four walls and an empty room (room)

Squeeze you tight and hold you close (close)

Kiss you where you know you need it most (most)

[1: Chico Debarge]

I'mma really give you what you want

We can do whatever turns you on

I'mma make your fantasies

Become reality, for sure

I'mma really give you what you want

Show you how I flip it back to front

Tell me what you need from me

And I will guarantee, for sure

[Chico Debarge]

All we need is a place and time (time)

Set the pace, and free our minds (minds)

Let it go and let's explore (explore)

Every single thing that you wish for (wish for)

I only need a chance to make you feel (feel)

The closeness that we share is very (real)

I'mma lay back, let you choose

Cause what I'm giving you is just for you

[Repeat 1]

[Chico Debarge]

You feel my rain

The seasons change

The fire and the flames

Inside my gentle touch

You feel my rush

Of love, so come with me, yeah

I got something to prove

So let me do my thing

I will take my time babe

For sure


Yo, yo, yo, yo baby pop lemme get on top

Okay that'll make me hot

And if you aim to please then I won't

And I need a lot like a few g's on the spot

I want a man who ain't scared to lick

And who can handle it

Real thug keep my candle lit

So scandolous, I like it in the shower

Trembling, losing power, uh

Big spender

I want the kitty cat to purr when you climb up in her

Cause Trina want it all y'all

Big house, big yard, big six, and a big garage

Good dick and a back massage

So good make me ask for God

I want the money and the Mastercards

So we can splurge for days

Like Rick said

Give it to me, give it to me, okay

[Repeat 1 till end]

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