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Adrian Blackwood - текст песни

Adrian Blackwood

Music: Mikael Dahl - Lyrics: Dahl, Götesson

1660, a child was born,

who grew up to be a man of greed and scorn

Born a noble, but denied his legacy,

young Adrian began a life of piracy

Possessed with a hunger for gold crowns,

and bloodlust in a heart so cold

All ships that he met went down

to the bottom, released from gold

His dark reputation was growing,

and so did the prize on his head

The streams of blood and gold were flowing,

and most rulers wanted him dead

Pre Chorus

Blinded by his greed he made a name in history

Great tall ships and many men met their destiny

Oh, but he could not see

how his end would be,

to hang from a tree

for his piracy


And so the legend was born

about the king of the seven seas

Adrian Blackwood was his name

And still no one has found

the treasure from the wild plundering

times, when the seven seas were ruled

by gunpowder, blood and gold

His downfall was caused by treason,

with kings gold his crew were bought

Jealousy and greed were the reasons

when Blackwood the Cruel was caught

Pre Chorus


Solo Both, Dahl, Both


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