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Тексты песен на английском, аккорды, табулатуры, гитара, Texts of songs, the song text, chords, notes » F » Fatal
Everyday - текст песни


[airplane]- taking off

[singer]- uh noeveryday in every way

Verse one

Gettin’ paidnever caught in a raid

You get sprayedprayed over and laid down

Pump wit the poundhow that sound

Death befo it’s timeit’s pretty much

The studio soundwit the city touch

I put dimes on yacommit crime on ya

When I get the dropyou got my shines on ya

And deadly yachtso I never get shot

And this shit so hotwatch it resurrect ’pac

I got more waysthen some niggas out of state

And I just hatewhen fake doppers throw ?

On my dickchillin’ wit the bitch I ate

Tradin’ my thirty-eightfor a fresh nickel plate

It’s a shooty thangblowin’ ya hood wit mighty bang

Wit the outlaws thugsin the clubswhere hotties hang

I know you knowgive it up sonslow ya roll

I throw’em slowthey gonna be the next flow



[fatal]- I bring it to yalland never know yall

When ya flip this shitget thick

The hollow pointsrun through ya

This outlaw cloutgot them thuggs odin’

The slugs go seein’you cowards supposed to be in

[singer]- everynight

[fatal]- the whole shitbring ya bold click

I got a whole clipI fold chips

And blastto leave ya sould rip

Money over bitchestil my casket drop

I’m reservin’ all you niggassince I mashed with ’pac

Thugged out I’m dyinhuessin the don

It’s all about the benjieswhy get friendlysemi

Nasty newmore then varyblast ya crew

More to burynigga what

The dog in thisdog in thiswhat’s the prob

My outlaw thugson a mission to robb

Everydayproblems gettin’ sloved kinda critical

It’s pitifulall this shit political

Verse two

You wanna be a playa?

Let me show ya how

You wanna be a thug?

Change ya styleblah

Walk pass ya asswit the house of ditty-ness

When ya blast I laughlike oh my god

Did he miss? cuzy’all kids fold coldin all biz

Get money off small shithands off the ruff roll wit it

So simplewe can kick it but get no mple

Co went the dillyyou droppin wit foes simple


[singer]- everydayahhha ahhhaeveryday

And everywayohhhhhhhhh ohhh

[backround]- everynigh(hold note)

Everynightsaid I’m tryin’ to do what’s right

Ahhhhhhh oohhhhhh

Verse three

Wilin’kinda play ya like veit shine

Bomb on ya fake soildersyou know the time

Shine on ya like a rollyyou can’t hold me

Number one parollycatchin’ hits like a goalie

Jump from jeerzwhile new york gettin’ money

E-three-twentywit a down to die honey

Beef all ovanaw never in a millon years

Hold ya tearsput ya hands on the ceilin’

Cross ya over bossand toss you off course

Bow down ya lostdroppin’ fatal tryin’ floss

Do ya real dirtywhen playas bein’ tryin’ to serve me

Throw the skirts in the airgive it up to jersey

Got mo you betta sip itfor the rowdy niggas get cha

And hit chawit some shit ya peoples can’t even picture

A thug in the clubwith a caliber snub

I know you hate to throw it upthrow it up out of ya love


[singer]- everyday and every way

Haayyyyyyy ahhhhhh yaaaa oh oh no

[backround]- everynight(hold note)

[singer]- every every nightlet me hear ya say

[backround]- everyday(hold note)

[singer]-every day and in every wayyeahhhhhha

[backround]- everynight(hold note)

[singer]- everynightsaid I’m tryin’ to do what’s right

Said I’m tryin’ to do what’s right

[backround]- everyday(hold note)

[singer]- everyday and every way yeahhhhhhhhha

[backround]- everynight(hold note)

[singer]- tryin to do what’s rightcan you feel me

Can you hear mehear me say

[backround]- everyday(hold note)

[singer]- everyday(hold note)

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