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M. O. B. -

M. O. B.

Verse one

I’m livin’ in hellwhere all these niggaz

Got stories to tellI be blasin’t on these bitch niggaz

Servin’ welland the company I keepbe the scum of the earth

Body tatedhair mattedsellin’ key’s if you fuck wit these

Law breakin’ niggaz screamfuck the police

We gonna ball fothe lil nigga shit

What the fuck you figure?

Timbaland bootsforty-fives wit nicket plates

Findin’ niggaz deadbring’em home and I can’t wait

If niggaz is realthen they ain’t scared to split ’em

All that job-ownin’ shitfuck youi ain’t wit’em

Cuzwhen I say jumpniggaz say

How high? or I stabb you in ya fuckin’ eye

Now let’s get busy nigga


Yall niggazwanna ride tonight?

How many niggazin the house feel live tonight?

We get money over bitchescuz we ain’t scared to die

Live and die by the codetheres on reason why (2x)

Verse two [fatal]

Keep it comin’these niggaz get done in

On any run inI smrik and jerkon any trigga

Puttin’ in workthen past it offto my little man

Like he blast it offbeyond that?

Criminilegenarilewit ruff forty five cap

Endin’ ya whole statI’m the master of this fuckin’(fuck y’all)shit

So I’m a be buckin’ shitya don’t know who you fuckin’ wit

Yall spaced out duckin’ quickthe number one parolly

Slap shots like a goaliethe forty glock like steel totin’

Up shorty rocksgettin’ money wit the forty cop

Chorus (2x)

Verse three

Some niggazkinda of coke

Scared to bustand I be lookin’ through ya ass like you

Plexey glassso I send my pretty bitch

Swingin’ tits and asspreal hander on her burner so she

Blastin’ fastalot of niggaz know my rep

But it don’t mean shittil you witness to yourself

How live it getand I never let no rhymin’ ass bitch

Share a mic wit meuntil I see her versatility

You get the fuckin’ pictureI swear by everythin’ spit in my rhymes

It’s only hollow points I spit out my nine

Drillin’ niggaz on the blockwhen I’m passin’ through

I bust sixin the air niggajust for you

And if I ever get caught sleepin’which I ever doubt would happen

I’d be the last nigga rappin’I’ll keep my fuckin’ guns clappin’

Whatever thoughfake ass niggas will never know

Smellin’ they own shitwhen I rip the berrta slow

The nine millythe fake thuggs niggaz thats gettin’ silly

Blowin’em and showin’emcuz my dogs don’t know’em

I don’t give a fuckhow small big and tall

Come get meand I talk on how square y’all are

Attack adictsspray matticswit liquid

And the toughest on ya squadcan’t ride wit bizniss

I don’t know what these niggazbe thinkin’ when they see me

Niggaz call me whodniblast and poof like a genie

I stack whack rappersand stick’em like cornerbacks

Yall niggaz is jumpin’ jackzand bluffin’ on wax

Thinkin’ you can clown meme and my little town we

We lost niggazfo lifeout here they can’t drown me

I’ll be buried alivethe mic will dig me back up

To tall for lustI bend these bitches when I fuck

Chorus (2x)

Muthafuckin’ m.o.b you ain’t seen shit yetwhat

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