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Autumn Blue - текст песни

Autumn Blue

Late at night I'm writing got a lot on my mind
Exchanging midnight beats for sleep 'cause time's hard to find
Spent the whole day hiking through the city on a mission
Wishing I was living under different conditions
Looking for a face in the crowd I don't know
Looking past glass as if my nerves don't show
Looking for a new way to say one pairs of prints ain't enough
Me have to bluff me have no trust that makes it hard for me to open up
But I play the role and now nobody knows what's in me
I'm past the point of thinking that I could ever win see
I get all choked up about something that isn't there
Fair Skinned Earth Autumn Sun Through Black Hair "Where?"
Over there on college campus ground pavement
I turn my head it's just a shadow that's how my day went
My spirits fall like golden leaves from autumn trees
Collected in the street by the cool as 'trane fall breeze
Autumn Blue...
I'm looking out the window just to watch the block
Residential hotels smack addicts in flocks
A lazy day waitress with the hand that rocks
The ladle wipes the table feet below dreadlocks
Tickled ivories trickle out a modest speaker
Don't mind being alone but I'd be glad to greet her
One hundred and twenty miles from home but still in my dome
Pick up the phone and maybe later I'll see her
A happy couple crosses Second Ave. holding hands
I'm glad I'm not happy 'cause I still can't stand
The weight of a crush a light brush induced blush
That anxiety rush of that uncomforable hush
In conversation that two second pause feels like I'm waiting
For a bus I may have missed when I'm already late and
It's raining on my clean clothes day four of a new job
Well maybe it's not that bad but still that moment feels odd
So I repel it if I can smell it on the verge about to happen
It seems I'm without words unless I'm freestyle rapping
But then I'm full of crap and plus my mind is on city
On the real I feel uptight when all my fronts miss witty
It's hard to handle microphones I'll light like a gasoline candle
Face to face I'm feeling square as a handbill
So I'll head home and try to put it all together
Get me on my own and all along and I'll be better
Autumn Blue...

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