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Тексты песен на английском, аккорды, табулатуры, гитара, Texts of songs, the song text, chords, notes » F » Five Fingers Of Funk
Pass The Vibe - текст песни

Pass The Vibe

Emotion and thought I've got I've got a lot of it
For Mr. Blake's sake initiate it if you've caught a bit
Fresh for the passing a check is for the cashing
The vibe is still alive 'cause positive is everlasting
Wrinch yourself off recognize and then send it
If it's of another then discover how to blend it
Use and spread it out some or lose it and catch another one
10 8 cultivate it if you hate it let the colors run
And bleed 'til you see the hues taking on a new tone
Negative ain't relative unless it gives a clue to domes
Chase at a fast pace the taste that makes your face smile
Or waste it and embrace a case of the fake styles
Just keep it going on keep the feeling flowing on
Lose the crap and make it happen soon you'll see it growing long
And lovely above the soil before the harvest
Have respect when selecting the buds and leave the largest
Take a closer look in the book this time
Read and see the pictures while you listen to the rhyme
Think about the summer when the bank got started
Remember where you were when the vibe was first imparted?
"Ooh, yeah. Damn I can't remember"
I was probably in the squid wasting crazy legal tender
With Caitlin and Max stealing pens behind my back
They kept my mind off track but I guess I needed that
Now I'm getting vibes from a thousand one sources
Looking to trade the flavors chasing a thousand one courses
Outward still in step kid you'd better know
That if you just tip toe on stage you can't flow
You've got to take a chance dance and shake it kid you can't
Fake it don't be afraid you won't break it
Make it happen must I say it again?
And begin to ascend you can't hold back the Mimina-Miser
'Cause I compose the prose in more than an effort to devise a
New way of thinking bringing people back together
Good tidings on the way just like the days of cloudy weather
In the autumn fill the bottom with funky bass-string plucks
And Talbott will keep it tight like Hollywood butt-tucks
The Five Fingers of Funk as prescribed by Dr. T.
Pete Miser on the mic I'm strictly L.V.P.
They retaught me how to listen and got me on a mission
Mic ripping to the riffs that they be kicking out the kitchen the
Coalition got stronger the song (Texts of songs ) got longer
But let me speak my peace before my mind begins to wander
Pass the Vibe

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