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The Mindstraights - текст песни

The Mindstraights

Kids are caught going the wrong way Mindstraights tapping you
Worried in a flurry about the clout and kids capping you
Only thirteen another dream seems unreachable
Reality's a salary morality's unreachable
Look at his environment what stimulates learning
A look in a book or real cash money earning
Yearning for a fast break papes and all that
Hard work is for jerks what kind of life do you call that?
He takes a look around the neighborhood is good and run down
Last night a kid got gunned down 'cause there's money after sundown
Wants to get his share so he dares to take a bold step
Knowing where he's going showing a grill a right and a cold left
He doesn't need school to act a fool and create cash
Getting juice like Tropicana clocking a grand and a fan with each
And smoke from the flamer gaining game at a high rate
Now he spends all his time on a climb to a high state
The Mindstraights
A brief look around reveals the reason for the Mindstraights
Conditioned by living a life that's given to find papes
The only indication of respect success happiness
And if they don't find that they find stress
The quest for the look pollutes the young mind quick
"I've got a target on my back and a gun on my hip"
There's no peel under my heel and I'm not trying to slip
He's straight fighting tooth and nail just to get that grip
He came equipped and flipped on the next one
Gun to face laying waste or just to test one
Run scadaddle or battle and show some heart kid
Or come to where I live and get torn apart quick
It takes just a second of thought to get a knot or shot
Or get caught by a rock or be taught
The rules of respect step the hard not the kind way
He's baffled when he's gaffled by the judge and assigned days

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