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Doin My Thang - текст песни

Doin' My Thang

[phone rings]

(Yo Moe, what's up?

Where you been, man?

What's up with the new sound?

I ain't heard from you in a while, man

What you been doin, man?

Some of my homies don't even know you

What's up with that?

What's up with that?)

Let us begin with a funky in-tro

My name is Kool Moe Dee, what up, what up - yo

And for those of you who just don't know

Or might no recognize me from the funky - flow

I am the brother from the Wild Wild - West

But I'm not comin on the new wild - quest

Because I can't get with the new - sound

Because I don't like the way it's goin - down

Brothers always say they wanna keep it - real

But how many brothers really kick the - skill

So what you got a little street - appeal

So you promote genocide, for what? A - deal?

Well, I was never with that - scene

Because the ends could never justify the - means

And if it's all about gettin that - green

I been there, I done that, I mean

I'm doin my thing, kid

(Yo, what kinda flavor is that, man?

I want the new stuff, man)

Hey yo, I'm doin my thing, kid

(The hardcore, gimme the hardcore stuff, man

Come on)

I'm doin my thing, kid

(I hear you, but the brothers ain't with the positive stuff

Won't you kill a rhyme?)

Hey yo, I'm doin my thing, kid

(Shoot somebody in the next verse, aight?

Kill somebody)

Brothers say they wanna be hard-core

So in their own communities they start - war

You really don't care because you say you got - yours

But think about it for a second, stop, pause

If all you wanna do is get - paid

Then you ain't nothin but a paid - slave

The Uncle Tom of the New - Age

Cause sellin out ain't nothin new - wait

Cause you can pull a trigger on a nigga well

You think you're bigger, nigga, stop and think you sell

Ain't nothin hard about committin homicide

Cause genocide is really suicide - right?

Well, think about it on a higher - level

You sold your soul and you got hired by a - devil

To reek havoc in the ghetto, y'all go head on

Keep runnin with God like a runnin rebel

Doin my thing, kid

(What's all this rhymin about God

What you're tryin to do, man?)

Hey yo, I'm doin my thing, kid

(You a reverend or something?

Tryin to be a preacher or what?)

I'm doin my thing, kid

(Give it up with the preachin God

Just rhyme, just rhyme)

Hey yo, I'm doin my thing, kid

(Alright then, flip the flow, change your flow

Be like somebody else)

I'm true to the game, so I keep inventin

Hype rhymes for the times and I'm representin

Kick flavor while I'm eatin up the best of em

Then put em in the pile with the rest of em

When I flip it and hit it, some brothers don't get it

They want me to kick it like others - forget it

I tailor-made a style for the microphone

You can search the rap files but it's mine alone

I won't get in to fit in the flow, it's won't simulate

Now bein one of the best causes them to hate

The freestyle master cause I'm a outcast

You ever stop and ask yourself how to outlast

All those before me and the many that came after

The critics who dissed this I dimiss with laughter

Ain't no puzzle, put a muzzle on their face

And watch the hype crowd sing

I'm doin my thing, kid


Alright, I see what you're doin

I can get with that)

Hey yo, I'm doin my thing, kid

(I kinda like that, yo

Go ahead and do yo thing, kid)

I'm doin my thing, kid

(Yeah, yeah, I dig it, I dig it

Go ahead, do your thing)

Hey yo, I'm doin my thing, kid

(Hit me with one more and let em know where it's comin from)

I worked with Sugarhill Gang, Run and Heavy D

Eric B., Big Daddy Kane and Public Enemy

>From '79 to '94, now that's longevity

You got a problem with the flow, here's a remedy

Just sit back, relax, in fact, try to hear it

Cause I'm comin back to back, you gotta wear it

Ain't no sense goin against the grain

Get yourself a surf, dude, ride the wave

Cause this ain't the regular style, ain't no competators, I'll

Take out the negative while just like a predator I'll

Prey and on play on and stay on the airwaves

You heard I'm fallin or fell, chalk it as hear-say

Ain't no defense mechanism or criticism

Capable of doin no nothings here, that's how I'm livin

You can bring whatever you got to bring

I'm the champ, the master, the king

I'm doin my thing, kid

(Yo Moe, you all that, man

You gon' go far, man)

Hey yo, I'm doin my thing, kid

(I'm not lyin, you gon' make it to the top)


(Do your thing, kid

Do your thing, kid

Do your thing, kid...

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