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Koast Ii Koast - текст песни

Koast Ii Koast

We met a lot of scratch

X we made a lot of dough

We always rolling grass

Loc we smoked a lot of 'dro

We wrote a lot of songs

X we played a lot of shows

We packed a lot of bongs

Man we flipped a lot of hoes

We did a lot of this

I know we did a lot of that

We traveled lots of miles put the styles on the map

We recognized world wide if you didn't know

We flow with the clouds rolling out Koast II Koast

Now I know you never seen somebody like me

Up on the stage ripping the M-I-C

With so much ease clearly

Time for you the parents gonna tell their peers

That their sons and daughters are filled with beers

Now their sons and daughters are filled with fears

Because lights and sirens are getting near

See I recall one night in Omaha

We was getting' drunk all having a party ya'll

At a house where they had a party ball

At the end of the night I could hardly walk at all

Said fuck that and I started to crawl

Was in the backyard but I started to fall

On the ground like I was a basketball

Up and down like a fucking see saw

I remember getting' baked up in the great lakes

Trying to make hash and weed cakes

Then it got so late with bus call at eight

Had to bounce out quick catch a break

Trek down to the southern states to the dirty south

Where the girlies shake their asses

To get some backstage passes man I love my life

I remember one time we was out in the Carolina's

A group of hippies came up on us saying they was trying to find us

They heard about us in High Times you know the magazine

They said it's groovy what we're doing for the cannabis scene

They put a box in my hand it weighed at least two pounds

And it was custom painted decorated with a Krown

I opened up the box and smelled the sweet aroma

We had a massive session almost left X in a coma

Now that's the type of love the Kings are getting Koast II Koast

You know we chilly most always going out for broke

We put that Southern California life style on them

And make them freedom songs that make you want to rip your bong

Now you need to simply understand

Kottonmouth Kings roam all over this land

And we rolling until the wheels fall off

Stoners reeking havoc we ain't never gonna stop

Break 'em off Loc

I'm flowing now Koast II Koast

On the gas we be dipping through the map

Smoking buds in the back of the bus rolling blunts

Represent with the raps steady moving on the dip

Microphone on my hip let me tell you all like this

I was drinking like a fish one night I recall

Getting faded off that eight ball

Taking mushrooms tripping thought I was on the moon

Hey yo Mike stop the beat because I got to go to the bathroom

You can always catch the Kottonmouth Kings

Rollin' on the interstate highways

Through the deserts to the mountains to the shining sea

From the East coast to the West Coast

To the Midwest to the high plains

The Rocky Mountains

The dirty dirty South

You know the Kottonmouth Kings are still blowing smoke rings

Sub Noize family going Koast II Koast

Where you at

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