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Last Chance - текст песни

Last Chance

In this lifetime no one's guaranteed tomorrow

So you make today the best day you can make it

One life one chance

This will be our last chance

Our dying breath

Last chance before the end

Last chance our dying dayz

Last chance to change our ways

Last chance to overcome

Last chance for everyone

Last chance to save our souls

Last chance before we fall

So never count me out cats cool laid back when I'm down

'Til my last breath pull it with the Zig Zag born with the game face

Copped an attitude always watch my back

Grew up and learned a lot from the old school

Be my last chance to ever get to make a difference

Ever get to make a change everybody's got opinions

Until my dying dayz now I'm fine with the feeling

Going out with a bang pride and the people give thanks

I got a huge sack of the best of the best

You know who I am it's Richter I don't settle for less

'Cause I love to get high yes I love to smoke weed

And I love to drink beer plus I love the ladies

I'm gonna have a good time with life while I'm living

And I hate to drive but I'm definitely driven

I thank the powers that be for blessing me

With this gift of speech so I relay it lyrically

Now I've got one day to live tomorrow I gonna die

Call my Pop's up on the cell phone wish him goodbye

Call my Mother and my sister tell them both I love them

Call my both my little brother's then E-Loc my cousin

Then go get my girlfriend and grab her by the hands

Yo look her in the eyes and tell her stick to the plan

We going out blasting so you better get the money

I love you baby this time around it ain't funny

This will be my last chance to make a change

My last chance I'm gonna change today

Because tomorrow I ain't gonna be the same

Last chance I'm 'a' change today

I said who wants to go through a life that amounts to shit

Not me the saddest thing in life is wasting talent

And with that said yo it's time for me to leave

With my last chance I'll change the world indeed

Tomorrow may never come

That's why I live my life always on the run

You never know when you're gonna be looking down the barrel of a gun

Point blank

Point blank you can put that in the bank

It's guaranteed money like a pound of dank

High test yes life is a test

Until you're in the grave ain't no time to rest

'Cause it's war time the time is now

Take back freedom and make a vow

Take a stand now and fight the power

Rage against the system until the final hour

It's a last chance to make a stand

Open up their minds help them understand

'Cause if not it might be too late

When the whole world engulfed by greed and hate

'Cause I've seen many friends die way to young

This is your life your chance

You make a difference

You make your reality what you want your reality to be

You go big or don't go at all

'Cause what goes up is bound to fall

So you got to keep your game solid

True, honest, faith and respect are words to live by

Die Texte der Lieder. Тексты песен - На сайте свыше 500 текстов песен.

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