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Escape_ Victorious - текст песни

Escape_ Victorious

I awaken in a strange place to find my wrists are manacled

To a stainless steel dissecting wall

I can't recall the order of events from nights before

Questions filling spaces in my mind

Bloody signs of torture evidenced upon my naked flesh

I become aware of excruciating pain

I feel my face my left eye has been surgically removed

Strange devices grafted to my skin

Escape: Victorious

I try to scream out but I'm much to weak from the pain and agony

The only thoughts that fill my head are will I live or will I die?

Suddenly out of the blue I feel impulses racing through

My neuroimplants to my brain telling me what to do

Microprossesors reroute, decode, the information sent

I disobey then feel the voltage

Escape: Victorious - you won't keep me alive

My will sets me free

Escape: Victorious - I'll fight and I'll survive

I will live that I might see the ones

Responsible for doing this to me

I'm recalling wife and family

Worlds or suns away you'll see I will

Escape: Victorious - you won't take me alive

Escape: Victorious - I'll fight you, I'll survive

Escape: Victorious

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