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Money Makes... - текст песни

Money Makes...

(feat. Kane & Abel, Silkk the Shocker)

[Uzi talkin']

Prime Suspects, Kane & Abel, Silkk The shocker about that money

[Chorus: Uzi & (Kane & Abel)]

Money Makes a nigga do some strange thangs (I admit)

Over change, niggas lose they brains (ain't that some shit)

If you got it when then niggas hungry brah (what, what)

Keep your glock cocked & your eyes up on ya stuff (ya heard me)



Just remember it takes a bitch to play wit a real a real nigga

Glock knockin' 'em while they chop 'em down for figures

While money makes a nigga do some strange thangs, I admit

Over change, niggas lose they brains, ain't that some shit

Come equipped as we still quick in tha Lands

Niggas get dealt wit in his back while shakin' hands

While plans get spoiled by niggas want furl trips

Rather they snort, bang, or either sell tha shit

I hold my dick & let my nuts sag

Niggas act bad behind tha cash actin' like it last forever

Any kind of weather nigga get tha job done

Block hotter than tha sun, niggas still pack a gun

But I ain't tha one to get done wit behind some dumb shit

I pack a gun bitch & ain't scared to let tha bullets flip

I said enough, either get scuffed or roughed up

If you got it when then niggas hungry keep your eyes up on ya stuff

[Chorus: x2]

[Kane & Abel]

Runnin' up on niggas like finish lines, wit cocked nines

Give a fuck if niggas wit dimes, get flatlined for tryna take mines

In broad daylight, lose yo life for tha paper

Haters a waste ya, meat ya maker, coroner gonna have to scrape ya

Off tha concrete

My street hotter than fish grease

For big face bills, niggas kills wit big heat

Niggas dressed in all black or army fatigues

Killas perform like pussy poppers wit choppers, squeeze 2-2-3's

Put your face on TV's, for less than a quarter ki

Leave a clip empty, now watch you muthafuckin' enemies

Murda's like a disease, catch it, ain't no comin' back

Rest in peace, yo wig split, hit by niggas on a jack

Gangstafied Kane & Abel watch the Suspects back

Niggas do strange thangs fo' paper, I feel that

Take tha money, take tha Benz, but hustle never ends

Put us on tha block wit one rock, an we'll make a million again (ha ha)

[Chorus: x2]

[Silkk the Shocker]

Now look nigga, it's 5-4-3-2 to tha muthafuckin' 1, it's a countdown

Well this nigga Silkk The Shocker

Known for breakin' O-Z's down to muthafuckin' pounds

That's my nigga Glock, that's my nigga Uzi,

That's a brand new muthafuckin' nine millimeter

Off tha top, you know we come strapped, bitch watch ya back

Cause all of us always got heaters

Now look fuck tha money cause we gonna ball wit or wit out tha shit

I need a down ass girl but I'm gonna ball look wit or wit out tha bitch

Drive my Benz look wit or wit out tha fuckin' kit

Yall busta ass niggas faggets walkin' wit or wit out tha switch

I still could pull hoes look nigga wit or wit out tha six

While yall niggas stuntin' & frontin'

Why don't you break yoself & get up out my shit

Now yall know my steelo, on tha D-low, have a kilo on tha D-L

Even though I rap bitch I still do a couple of crack sells

Look if it don't make dollas then it don't make sense

Now my niggas Prime Suspects gonna get me high

An all of us get fried & get bent

An we No Limit Soldiers bitch so all of us represent

Think we won't bust yo head for some muthafuckin' dead presidents bitch

[Chorus: x4]

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