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Of All Da Hustlers - текст песни

Of All Da Hustlers

(feat. C-Murder)

[C-Murder: talking]

Yeah nigga C-Murder in this muthafucka aka Bossalinie

Representin' wit my muthafuckin' niggas Prime Suspects

Glock, Uzi, New-9, huh, tellin' this muthafuckas about tha game

How a nigga chose coke, got locked up, went to tha muthafuckin' pen

Got out & balled nigga, straight muthafuckin' ball til we fall

Ya heard me, nigga peep game ya heard me, representin'

[Chorus: New-9 & C-Murder]

Outta all tha hustles in tha world, I chose coke

Caught a joce, locked up an I'm missin' my folks

free a soldier, Lord knows my pain burns deep

I'mma ball if I can touch them streets



When I touch tha streets nigga, I'mma act a fool

I'm known for totin' semi automatic tools

I smoke joes on tha porch wit them O-G's

They taught me how to turn coke to mo' cheese

An when a nigga locked up, he keep his mouth shut

Cause a snitch get his muthafuckin' box cut

An that's tha code of tha street life

I tell a wanna be niggas get they muthafuckin' mind right

Cause all tha ballers & shot callers is targets

they runnin' from jackers, & crooked cops, & other drug lords

An I ain't dyin' on tha street like a dog

I get 'em fo' he get me, I ain't runnin', I'm killin' all of yall

Cause TRU muthafuckin' G's gonna rise

I label him a bitch nigga, by tha fake look in his eyes

How many thugs wanna ride wit me

Cause I'mma ball til' I muthafuckin' fall when I touch tha street

[Chorus: x2]


Fucked up, caught a case gotta learn about life

Cause tha judge heart hurtin', daughter smokin' tha pipe

Life in human hands, prosecutor paintin' an ugly picture

Off tha top Prime Suspects guilty til proven innocent

State appointed lawyer in my ear talkin' ten

Take it now or your headed for plenty time my friend

15 to 30 if ya take it to trail

An tha D-A ain't lost in that section in a while

A rock in a hard place, smack dead in my face

On tha other side of tha game, were them people ain't playin'

It's rough fuckin' round wit these man made laws

But tha junkie boys had me makin' plenty paper

Now I'm sick wit a jones for that rotten ass world

Touch down today or tommorrow, find me slangin' that girl

But I'm sick like a vick chasin' after that high

See the red in my eyes, I'm feelin' like I'mma die

[Chorus: x2]


Of all tha hustles in tha world I chose tha coke game

Packin' gats & sellin' crack was an everday thang

2 & a quarter they turn to 4 & half an now I sang slabs

Perhaps I can grab what I can grab & never dibble & dab

Half steppin' wit some fake niggas that just wasn't in me

Weed, coke, dope, & money, shit I gotta have plenty

Forgive me for my sins Lord, even though I know it's a shame

But I'm caught up in these worly thangs

An if you don't, then ya considered lame

So I'm splittin' brains & caine, play it like nothin' I had to prove

I choose to do it for profit, cause if I don't, then I lose

Uzi & Glock livin' witness to tha shit that Milli than did

Fuck a job so I rob & if it come I caught a bid

To many broad, H-O-D, hand on smoke, missin' my folks

But I ain't trippin', back at home was a house full of coke

Soon as my feet touch down I gotta get me some heat

Shit, Lord knows this time I'mma ball when I hit tha streets

[Chorus: x3]

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