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Leftem Dead - текст песни

Left'em Dead

(feat. Crunchy Black, The Kaze)

[crunchy blac]

Damn man a nigga pocket fucked up in this mother fucker

(dj paul)

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! that's fucked up

[crunchy blac]

A nigga need to find out how we go get some

dead presdients or something man

[dj paul]

You know what I'm sayin a nigga

got to get straight around this mother fucker

Niggaz got that mutha fuckin shit,Don't wanna share it

Niggaz we know you tight,mutha fucker you need to share that shit

Before a nigga break you off something

[crunchy blac:] (prophet mutha fuckin entertainment)

You know what I'm saying,You know what I mean,a nigga go break you off

You need to share that shit,Mother fuckers fucked up round here

We go take care of that,something go have to get straight

or something go have to go mother fucking sour nigga!

You know what I mean

A mother fucker go have to handle ya mother fucking ass

Nigga share that shit,A niggs know you on,A nigga know you tight

You better take care of ya boys dog

You know what I mean,A nigga go handle ya mutha fucking ass

With the mother fucking seriousness! BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

[crunchy blac]

It's crunchy blac,the demon child another mystery made

Another stang,Boo set up another nigga in his grave

I'm crunchy scopin out you niggas with that viper shit

You thank I'm straight,bitch I ain't straight I'm out to get your shit

My smiff-n-wession,teaches lessons for you hard head ho's

To drop off you want feel pain at least it falls to his toes

But if you got ya fuckin pistols and ya thank ya beat,

the 3-6 mafia

Nigga try ya luck and we'll see

[scan man]

It's a worldwide panic

So watch the scanman,get his automatic

Then get crazy like a crimnal beacause

these niggas don't know nothing bout me

Watch ya self

When you stack ya wealth

Keep that shit between ya self

Cause these killas from the Prophet Posse

Go use 2 niggas to make ya death

Cause we crazed

With the rage

Having a urge that can't be replaced

Out of the leaves,seen all them trees

Then I leave with ya cheese

Now prepare for the world to turn over

Cause Prophet Posse niggas just have tookin over!!!

[Chorus x2: project pat]

Young g's looking out for a meal ticket

Catch you slippin in ya shit and we will take it

to a level that you ho's can not handle bitch

6 shots from the glock left him dead

[crunchy blac]

Man I'm gettin tired of all you playa hatin bitches

Playa hatin on this game,you see a nigga out to get cha

You see I heard from ya ho's you was flodgin bout ya riches

So I had to hit the klan tell we had to come and get cha

So I told them I'll hit them back

So I can go get some facts

Scopin out this nigga shack

Making sure that shit is fat

Then I hit lil skinny pat

Told em that,that shit was fat

Then my nigga project said

[project pat:] (when we go get this bitch)

[scan man]

Go to War crnchy and scan

Drop them bodies off to the shore

There's no more

In this bitch

Trying to get buck with this click

I'm insane in the brain

got me going after this ?

Acid rain

From the sky

Wash the remains down to dry

In your yard,after dark

It's them niggas who like to rob

In ya face

With no trace

You go vanish from this place

No one cries

Could you die

Scan man dares to wipe there eyes


A hear the tomb

So ya click is not to soon

[chorus: x4]

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