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All I Got Is You Pt. Ii - текст песни

All I Got Is You Pt. Ii

Straight up, c'mon Bub, I need you man

Yo, Straight up y'all

Yo Ghost I love you man

You know how we do this right here

We do this for our family

See you soon kid

(Verse One)

The greatest thing a kid could have

To chill with his family, sit back layin on his Dad

Props go out, next thing you know Pops roll out

Moms cussed him out, get the fuck out

Couldn't understand it, feelings turnin to hard granite

Now she a one single parent

Growin up on welfare, she might need healthcare

That made me feel no one else cares

Moms is a part of my life forever

Gettin drunk that's her business guess that's stormy weather

Fish and grits, twelve o' clock midnight pissed

Stop cryin Ma take a kiss

Take care of ya brother and sis

Something happen to me I miss ya better be offic (official)

She meant that shit, every mouthful accurate

Took me to school be emaculate

Taught by the best, remember stress

A ghetto agenda that's how we rest

Don't let'em play with your emotions

Lotioning me, little money in my vest

Damn, Mom going through it

Still holding me through it

Sneaker money fucked up

Yo, Yeah when Granddaddy died

I know you didn't see me cry

Held it in, it hurted Ma alot

Remember, Bucs had me in a tux

Went to beef stake Charlie's had my first pay cut

Yeah, lovin you always screamin on janitors in hallways

It's my son always

Caught me in the crib yo, smokin

Sat me down heart broken, hopin the phase had me open yo

You like, hey yo, for real you like lovin you for life it's only right

Strong yourself we make it

Weak minded you naked

The pain and hurt i can't take it

Plus my Uncle in jail

That's your brother go see him, he look forward to it like mail

You my ace, you the lady in the place

You ain't a waste, we just trapped inside a low-life place

Trust me I'm gonna work hard

Tatto my body, throw it on top where i got scars

See it son, start cryin


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