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All Over Again - текст песни

All Over Again

"Yes, I got you started, yes, I got you started!"

[Intro: Raekwon]

Uh... yeah..

This is on some Can It Be/C.R.E.A.M. shit, right here, too

Yeah, word up, take it there for these niggas, you know

Word up? Yo.. uh-huh, reminisce, nigga

Word up, nice sunny day, rainy day

Preferable for you and yours, let's blow, yo


Who would of thought I would of made it ya'll

Ten years later, still in the gid-game, the Clan, we was one the greatest

We did platinum back in '93, we painted pictures you could see

We was living who ya'll tryin' to be

RZA had a vision, instead of cookin coke in the kitchen

He told the God, hit the booth and start spittin

At first it was a dream to me, Ol' Earth buggin

Put your gun down, screamin that the streets is gon' be needin me

I did the Knowledge to the Wisdom that you spoke to me

The Wu become us, the world enbraced us

A new day, a new life for the God

Got a hood thing, watchin "Ice Water" evolve

Destined to build a mountain - niggaz is doubtin my work

Black millionaire, check what I'm worth

I gotta thank y'all for takin in Lex, I appreciate it

I apoligize for keepin y'all waitin

[Interlude: sample (Raekwon)]

"Yes I got you started all over again" [x2]

(Word up... let's go back... finish up)


Growin' up, we've been through hard times

Life on the streets, just tryin' survive

Plus my niggas got mouth's to feed

We sold to crack fiends, coke, ice and money machines

Shootin' at cops, them maggots tried to stop our C.R.E.A.M

But it won't stop, can't stop, my niggas locked down in a box

I feel your pain, I know you're tryin' to come home

All that weak bullshit, I had to leave it alone

Heard my mom's cryin' at night, we rap on the phone, I love you

Never meant to stress you out, do you wrong, yo I'm workin

Then move you from a block to a home

We came from nothin', seein' how the world is so cold

Some niggas comin' out of churches sellin' devil their soul, yo

My neighborhood is crime central, sort of like prisons and cops

One on lock, instead of tryin' to defend you

All that bullshit we've been through, time to draw the line right here

Got to stop now, time is the issue

[Interlude: sample (Raekwon)]

"Yes I got you started all over again" [x2]

(One more jewel... one more... move... let's go, let's go)


It's time to rebuild, teach our seeds, that guns don't kill

It's the nigga behind the trigger that will

Society's ill, blacks support seeds for their mills

Mentally brainwashed, time moves on, we stand still

I seen life through the birth of my son, I seen it all again

A soldier stuck in these streets, hopin' it's war within

Too late to fall now, I'm on now

Niggas is born now, we doin' good, we on tour now

Elevate your prosperity, I'm seein' shit with clarity

No longer on the low, pa, I couldn't handle thieves

Too much to live for, I just wanna poly and grow

Stack ones and watch my little dun's blow

[Outro: sample]

"Yes I got you started all over again" [x4]

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