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Baggage Handlers - текст песни

Baggage Handlers

(feat. Busta Rhymes)

[Intro: sample from Scarface]

You got to be kiddin', five hundred?

Who you think we are, baggage handlers?

The goin' rate on a boat, is a thousand a night, man

You know that (first you got to work your way up to 500, cedigo)

Ok, what I did for you guys in Freedomtown, what was that?


Return of the kitchen kid, with the axe

All I know is real detail, coke, lasagna and them E pills

Million dollar merchandise, we on, get ya groove back

A hundred yukons, we all moving crack

All my soldiers got big rank, pa, Sicily money

Y'all had a bitch that got pregnant in Iraq

What's the movement? Superman money in the Ooh building

A few dudes who make a lotta rules sayin' 'you get it'

Right, wavy hair, all my niggaz is polic'

You stay off the roof, or jakes see the crib

No snitchin', this Amityville detention

Might fuck around, get caught, or shot down, play position

Yeah, here they come, sizin' them up, you know my status

This is raw way, lookin' in his eyes, and he butt

Yo, what's happenin'? I heard you got the streets back, captain

Yup, all niggaz is dead, unless they team clappin' something

He felt the generals plans, recognize, we going all out

I might throw three in his man

Had the slick look, looking all Cubaned up

Don't get it twisted, nigga we'll swiss swish you up, what?

[Chorus: Raekwon (Busta Rhymes)]

From all day to morn', noon, night

Recognize we gotta re-up (Yo, it's Cuban Link 2, motherfucker)

You all listen, pay attention

Word to the team, we gonna key up (Yo, it's Cuban Link 2, motherfucker)

Get ya birds off, playground

Yo, stay out my business, you gon' see us (Yo, it's Cuban Link 2, motherfucker)

For all them real Cash Rule Everything Around Me

Niggaz get y'all stee up (Yo, it's Cuban Link 2, motherfucker)


The kid that endorse Maxmaris, shorty show support

Take your sweatpants off, fix your mascara

Four hundred nineteen ounces, out in Long Island

Twelve strong bitches that's real, who not scared of housing

Yes, throw on them raccoon, chinchilla feathers

Let it drag on my boots, the jean burned leather

Jog through the back of the building, drop the L

Got the scope on your nosey ass mother, fuckin' up sales

Forty karat locked in, bowtie, chillin' at the Democrat party

Yo, Chef, your coat, got it poppin'

Coming soon, Purple Tape, circle up the city let 'em know I'm back

Four hundred bricks, and yup, the kids stance

Sponsored by my cousin in Stan', maintainin'

Got the call from Tony Young Montana, my son campaignin'

Yup, I'm not no fuckin' bellboy, I war anything out there

The ring is mine, you can tell Roy

That's when I was hit with the call, your whole motto is get tour

Drug rap owner, you will rip all

Live like the pope, and get a big hall

Flipped them a claren, the front, like the Jag back like the store


[Outro: Raekwon (Scarface sample)]

Yea, we back in the motherfuckin' staircase, nigga

You know that kid is coming, Cuban Linx, nigga

Louis Rich, the signature, bitch

(Every dog has his day, huh, Mel?

You wanna job Ernie? Ok, then, you call me tomorrow)

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