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Blue Diamond - текст песни

Blue Diamond

(feat. Chip Banks)


Call me the flyest jewel thief in the town jewelry nympho with info

All I need is three hold me down where the joints at chill

Its one big rockless glass And its blue play it low when we snatch that

Rock your black outfit kid Im going out kid you all mouth kid

Be the driver chill out kid Snatch the glass the we all on hold on Lord

Who holding it who bought the idea duke Its over with

No funny guy business what is this its just realness

Its only us who willing to steal this

Got my whole life on it Mans wife on it throw my black Nikes on it

With sons ready to Ike for it my position is contain yal

Sort of like dope fame on yal

Blowing game on yal Lets get this paper

Start vaporizing think about legalizing

Plus you went wrong now im Penalizing

[Chorus x2: Chip Banks]

Diamonds, grande y azul

Aiyyo we got chopo

And you can get some too

Take money


Yelling out asta la vesta last name masesta mean feon smoke with feces

Publicize this im go rise don in disguise

that will throw his arm out of five that fly

Jewel specialist fool specialist

Move like Professionalist strengthen paper excellent

Might be painting your town

Throw the drink down blowing it real-estate style

Feel my weight now Chilling healthy

and came up game up tore the frame up

Got to vote for the mayor later

Snatch something I believe in some call it thieving

But I call it extra dough on the weekend

Me and my family breezing so much ice its Freezing

the Dean switching up for a reason out of nature we be g'ing

Some of these spots Korean That saten gleam got me peeing??

[Chorus x2: Chip Banks]

We get chop dough?

And you know its true

Ayo we get chop dough

And you can get some to


Ayo the topic is laying in the tropics ill ass clique to rock with

We deligating on the block kid money invested in a deal

Lets stress it on the real side burning big phills holding bills

Technique Made us all meet Made me sit back repeat each

Started from the fame of the week

This is glory mandotory phat dough

Rocking my hand to bring cash to support me

[Chorus: x2]

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