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Make The Music 2000 - текст песни

Make The Music 2000

Featuring Scratch TJ Swan
Ladies and gentlemen we got TJ Swan in the house tonight
Ladies and gentlemen ladies and gentlemen
Ladies and gentlemen we got Rahzel in the house tonight

Please enter your password

[Verse 1]
It's the human soundwave straight out your comic book
Sound effects blazin through your rhymin' book
Just imagine all the time it took for me to master this
The Art of Noise is hazzardous
Imagine this, every sound from my lips
At my fingertips I levitate the audience
So ask Brooks and Dres who's got the effects
More (?) than Mardi Gras, rugged like Goretex
Reach out and touch your whole crew like Nine-x
Sprint for the stage cause MC onyx
Flip more connects than your internet
Rhymes is on time, I'm always on-line
Pump this in your Lex coupe, Benz, or Pathfind
Reverse the third verse nigga, then press rewind

Make the music with your mouth (Rah-Razhel)
Make the music with your mouth (Rah-Rahzel)
Make the music with your mouth (Rah-Rahzel)
You make the music with your mouth
The music with your mouth

[Verse 2]
Yo yo, I'm takin the world by storm when I perform
Arm arm, leg-a leg-a head, watch me transform
(Transforming noises) Decepticons!
Rainin' on your college ass, this goes on
I'm animated, never dorm-ant, so change the format
What I'm strong at, Mortal Kombat, so Cheech and Chong that
(Fighting noises) Heh, brother damn you!
Heh, seems you're pretty good with your kung fu!
Now where's my Yong Fu at, my glass of cognac?
Digital readout with a comsat, but I'm not that (?)
Let's track back, slick wanna eat that, you want my feedback?
(Computer noises) Now let's delete that
Now repeat that, I'm takin' the streets back like I'm sweep back
Think you could beat that?
I'm bringin the heat back on the street track

(Scratching) Marley Marl bring the beat back!


[Verse 3]
Rahzel, call me Optimus Prime
Third verse, eight bars, ain't no stoppin this rhyme
I did this years ago, I guess I'm ahead of my time
Computerized, that's my mental design
(?) short of Euclid, I'm runnin through clicks with a few tricks
An accoustics, John Woo flicks on some new shit
Heh, all I wanted was some rice cakes!
Rahzel soundwave controllin' your whole prostate

[Chorus with variations, till fade]

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