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Night Riders - текст песни

Night Riders

Featuring Slick Rick
[Rick] Alright Rahzel you gonna be alright?
[Rick] Okay KITT
[Rick] Turn into the car
{Kashshshshh *hydraulic noise* *computer beeps* kshs BZZZzt}
[Rick] KITT
[Rick] It's Michael a.k.a. Slick Rick the Ruler you alright?
{TRANZZ FOR MATION} {*Rahzel starts beatboxing*}
[Rick] Let's go
Put my seatbelt on KITT
Stop right here, where we at?
Shotty part of Brooklyn it gets rough out here KITT
(Michael's callin .. I have to go)
I don't know how we gon' do this
Wait right here, I'll be right back
(Michael's callin .. I have to go)
(Callin the Rick .. I have to go)

[Slick Rick]
Rap battle one two, one two, check it out
All alone, gold song (Texts of songs ), like Mike Corleone
Get a little ? while in the pen, still hold the throne
Blood is the same for us to spill
I give off the impression it's no thing for us to kill
Around the way with -- street corner game, Pat Sajak
Got kids to feed, you can't stop the paycheck! (Mhmm)
A lettergram said that you're ahead of him
Nowhere on the planet nigga can't rap better than
So know that I'm the flyest, bypass
By you and your tired-ass bow down to my ass
I shit on a kid wanna vic wanted KITT
What's ?? Slick Rick, this one is dead
Life's finished, this rapper ??
Me and Rahzel on the record no cat career finished
Jump in my car, better buckle up
KITT, hurry, get me 'cross town to wreck another club

Chorus: Rahzel and Slick Rick

"For all of y'all, keepin y'all in health (to what?)
Just to see you smile and enjoy yourself"
Rahzel, what's my name? {Ehh-ehh, ehh-Slick Rick}
What's the timeframe? {SIX MINUTES TO DESTINATION}
Set the hydraulics {Awwahha, "Ohh my gosh!"}
And the low mileage, make sure the car's polished
Got all the girls screamin just to hear me flow
{Aha-wweeh, "Hereeeee we goooooooo..."}

[Slick Rick]
No not rich, old boy bougie
Car KITT known to get Rolls Royce pussy
In front of y'all opponent, the man be arrogant
Is there some part of "I can slaughter anyone" that all you don't get?
My records, are ??, how dare announce attack us

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