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Introduction - текст песни


[Summary of the Plot]

At the beginning of the play, we look upon Macbeth as a shining hero. On behalf of his king, Duncan, he has just defeated the traitor Macdonwald, quelling high treason and subversion, safeguarding the rule of the king, so Scotland can look forward to a new era of peace. On their way from the battlefield the commanders Macbeth and Banquo meet three witches, who foretell the warriors promising prophecies: To Macbeth they predict the Thanehood of Glamis and of Cawdor - and eventually even the crown of Scotland, to Banquo, oil the other hand, that he would be father of a line of Kings.

Macbeth is already the Thane of Glamis, and out of gratitude the king soon bestows the Thanehood of Cawdor upon him. So the fulfilment of the last prediction seems to be close at hand. Only King Duncan himself stands in the way of Macbcth's aroused ambitions. It seems like a stroke of fate when the grateful king arrives as a guest at the castle of the Thane of Glamis and Cawdor to express his profound gratitude to this outstanding warrior. Unlike Macbeth, who feels covetous but hesitant, his wife is prepared to act. She spurs on her husband, encouraging him to seize this supposed opportunity of fate like a man. Macbeth stabs the defenceless king in his sleep, and with the help of his wife he succeeds in casting suspicion upon the king's guards. Rut while the majority of the Scottish noblemen do not dare to question his story, Malcolm, the king's son, escapes to England with a number of faithful followers. Among them is Macduff, next to Macbeth one of Scotland's most influential Thanes.

Macbeth, the king's murderer, is crowned King of Scotland soon afterwards but the fruits from his deed taste sour. Macbeth can neither enjoy his status nor his power as the ruling king for even a single moment. Worry and anxiety are casting dark shadows on his life. .After all, as the witches have predicted, Banquo would be the forefathers of a new line of kings - for the childless Macbeth a source of constant threat and fear. Before long, he hires assassins to kill Banquo, the supposed father of kings and only other person who knows about the witches' prophecies. But the admonishing ghost of the murdered Banquo appears in front of Macbeth's eyes at a banquet. From this point on, it becomes apparent to what extent Macbeth has already succumbed to madness and is being pursued by the ghosts of his murdered victims.

Again Macbeth seeks out the witches to ask them about his future. They assure him that no man of woman born would ever be a threat for him, yet Macbeth should beware of Macduff, whom he can only conquer through violence.

Macbeth feels encouraged by the witches' predictions and sets about "clearing up" among his supposed enemies. In his growing madness, he turns from a murderer into a tyrant, and the whole country moans and suffers under the strokes of his raging terror. Macduff, the Thane of Fife, is still in England, and since the tyrant is unable to get hold of him he resolves to destroy the castle of the alleged traitor, giving his wife, children and servants to the sword.

But while Macbeth seeks safety in destruction and bloodshed, his lady's strength of mind begins to falter; walking in her sleep, she constantly tries to wash invisible blood from her hands - the blood of the murdered King Duncan. Lady Macbeth dies finally as a victim of her own madness, of her feelings of guilt. The tyrant himself suffers from increasing madness and deep depressions so much so that he can hardly mourn the death of his wife. He begins to realise that all his efforts and killings will neither bring him happiness nor satisfaction. Yet, on the strength of the witches' predictions, he still believes himself deceptively safe, drawing from them the strength to prepare for the impending battle. Under the leadership of Duncan's son Malcolm and Macduff, the English and many Scots have united and arc marching on Macbeth's seat, Dunsinane, with a powerful army. Faced with these superior troops the tyrant's men flee from him, until he finally finds himself alone. Still being convinced of his own invincibility Macbeth awaits the onslaught of the enemy troops. Caught in a deadly combat with Macduff, Macbeth finds out that his opponent was cut from his mother's womb and was therefore not born by a woman. Only then he realises that he has fallen victim to the witches' prank. Realising the full extent of his delusion, he comes to his senses and understands that his own death is imminent. Yet he does not attempt to flee but faces the battle with Macduff and is finally slain.

Let the Story begin...


As we know man does not walk the earth alone

but is surrounded by strange creatures and spirits.

Some of these may sometimes try to lure man into their own influence...

for their own entertainment...

and to steal away the most precious gem dwelling in each of us... our soul.

Man may choose the path he follows, but its direction may at times:

not be what it seems...

This tale is about one of the most valiant heroes that ever walked the Scottish soil.

It tells his glorious deeds, his hopes, his ambitions, his rise...

and his fall... yet it does not start with its protagonist... rather with its demons...

[First Witch:]</i> When shall we three meet again, in thunder lightning or in rain

[Second Witch:]</i> When the Hurlyburly 's done, when the battles lost and won

[Third witch:]</i> That will be ere the set of sun

[First Witch:]</i> Where the place?

[Second Witch:]</i> Upon the heath.

[Third Witch:]</i> There to meet with Macbeth

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