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The Dead Arise - текст песни

The Dead Arise


My fears in Banqou stick deep

Haunt my sleep

He knows the sisters' prophecy

His smiles I can read


For his breed I've sold my soul

A fruitless crown can it be all

Fate will have to bow her head

Banquo my friend soon you'll be dead


Muderers will do the crime

I've paid them well to cut you fine

I'll never have to look at you

Banquo my friend your life is through


I - I've walked deep in the blood

Return I can not

No I'll have to carry on

To be safe with what I've done


The Dead arise from their grave

To assail what we thought safe

The Dead arise outta hell

To the hero that fell


What is this I look upon

should be dead and gone

How can I believe my eyes

Is it a lie


Banquo how can it be you

You lie in the blood that's what you do

I see mortal gashes on your head

How can you smile you should be dead


What man dare I will dare

A thousand warriors or the Russian bear

But pale cheeks of immortality

How can I fight how can I fight against thee


Oh no - Let the earth hide you away

In hell you should stay

No don't you reach for my crown

I shall never take it down


Shaken by the ghastly apparition of the slain Banquo Macbeth fears even stronger

now for the security of what he has stolen by murder and treason and defends

by such means. Like a blind stalker in the night he is drawn back to the lair

wherein the witches dwell, hungry for confirming answers to the burning doubts in his soul.

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