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Please Dont Forget About Me - текст песни

Please Don't Forget About Me

I know I made mistakes before
But girl I never lied, still I apologize
And I know sometimes I made you cry
But now I realize, I need you by my side
When it comes to you, I swallow my pride
Cuz you're the reason why I feel so alive
Girl please tell me you'll still be my lady
Without your love in my life, I'll go crazy

1 - I know I made mistakes before
(But I never lied)
Tell me if you're leaving me
(Or staying by my side)

You know that I love you
I wanna know what to do
Please don't forget about me

I know I shoulda thought about the things I did before I did 'em
If I could stop your tears...
Oh girl, I can't see a way to stop the pain that you're feelin'
If I could make it right, God knows I will
Please give me a chance to make things right, once again
Before we fell in love, remember we were friends
So don't let it end

Repeat 1

All my life I've been searching for
A love so true
We've been, been together
So girl, everything I have is yours

[Nokio of Dru Hill]
Ruff Endz, bringin' it to you Baltimore style
Ya know what I'm sayin, for the year 9-9
And the Dru World Order
Baltimore done it again
What you expect?
Yo, bring it back

(Baltimore done it again)
(Ruff Endz)
Baby, you know I made mistakes...

Repeat 1 to fade

Die Texte der Lieder. Тексты песен - На сайте свыше 500 текстов песен.

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