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Audible Angels - текст песни

Audible Angels

I told you, you, you, and all of you in the back,
And in the middle in the front yo
Repeat 3x

Attention all audible angels
Before billions burn before brains blow
Communication cannot calmly converse
Demographics delegated dissoluted diverse
Evidently eventually everything ends
First fascinate friends force foes to fend
Gradually the greater good grows and graduates
History has holes however humans hesitate
I invest indigenous interests
Journals journey justify jokers jest
The king of corrupt kings keeps killing kids
Live for life and love levitating lids
Money makes many mens minds miss
Nevermind newness now we need nourish
Oppose only one organization
Pray and protect the peaceful population


Quietly question quality
Rhettmatic revolutionizes record reality
(Rhettmatic scratches)
Substitute scratches save the songs symmetry
Twenty six tabs of turntable tapestry
Understand the underground unsung
Vegetate vast victorious visions
Watch the weather wither in the wrong way
Never Xerox a xenophobes X-ray
Yes you're young so yell thats just you
Zoning in the zero of the zyclon zoo


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