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Blessings - текст песни


Subtle, signifying sonnets
Not unlike low flying comets
Evolving to love is loving to revolve
Revolvers releasing the round revolutions
Entering earthlings, ending evolution
Decision is the devil so I choose flakiness
I refuse to exist in a life ???
Return to natural life empowered,
Futuristic flows from an unidentified flowered

Fasten your heartfelt fast when I'm askin
Burned spotlights, human sized microscope
Keep the rhyme tight and dope, enough to choke
Invisible mics in a circle full of hope
The list of fist signs, the punch and quest times
Seize food for fighters, lunch plus for dinner,
Six winners plus a snack, we packed up wise
Another blessing in disguise, hiphop be our guide
The fact we push deep ground beats when we speak
Pass a test that'll vest and not cheat under heat
Well resin has spoken word, heard you wrote herb,
It's that crew, nice to meet you, very well served

HOOK: (8 bars on the turntables)
Bless the mic, Ble-Bless the mic, Ble-Bless the mic for the god

(Lord Zen)
Locked deep within the self-consciousness lies the bad seed
When at least I seep through the cries to disturb the peace
You can't get this dope without a prescription,
Over the counter versions fell grade to addiction
Left to trail eviction from here to hell's kitchen
Me bein vain, people in chains without a conviction
Who says you're saved by the goods that you practice
So involved in the scriptures you read, you lost your head like John the
Right side of the brain cripples you like arthritis,
Who do you know that'll rock a verse with laryngitis? (coughing)

(Key Kool)
In my Caprice Classic, thoughts concoct
Tape deck broken, I got the boombox
Listenin to musical ink blots brought
By the funky president J Rocc who's settin shop
Plot developed, from the previous night
Wake Up Show duo, Kobe Bryant on the mic
I was like it's only right for a collaboration
By consolidated members of the crew affiliations
Visionaries. . . Beat Junkies. . .
What's up to the force hanging out in the trees
Conglomerated musical expressions,
Times like these, I appreciate the blessings

Die Texte der Lieder. Тексты песен - На сайте свыше 500 текстов песен.

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