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L.A. Fresh - текст песни

L.A. Fresh

Yes, yes [x3]

[Chorus x2]

Yes, Yes

Los Angeles fresh, Los Angeles fresh

Yes, Yes, Yes

Los Angeles fresh, Los Angeles fresh, Los Angeles fresh

Bright lights

Bust stops

Like cops

Pop locks

Chain linked fence henceforth

Talent is received

All sorts of goals achieved

Reach souls

Tore down divisions like Berlin straight as poles

Waving flags you're in tune

With maroon moon

As time flies friendly skies

Visionaries take the red out your eyes

Suit the flies with this application

Loving is my occupation

Recycle hesitation

Back and forth pacing

Speak or basing

Humans racing

Loving when they're hating

Take it evil feeling backwards to live

Every time I bust I got something to give

An individual who remains invisible


My habitual ritual

Is to uplift all those who are willing

Living in a city where the devil makes a killing

Dealing lost angles

Material things

Plus I gotcha to hot

Burnt off the wings

Mic dreams to pipe dreams

Villages of right teams

Were enlightening with what we say

K.O.O.L will make you l.o.o.k

In a different type of way for L.A., C.A.

[Chorus x2]


I am an Indian alien

Alien Indian

Mexican medicine, messages of oxygen

Now support the easier limb

Be one without and you will live easier

That's easier man

Love the one your with

I repeat love the one your with

External beauty is just a temporary myth

Some things always trying take away your gift

Never walk away wondering if

Life was fake

My sister is great

They call me Mr. Mistake

I kissed this girl on a date

I couldn't wait

She was like chill

It wasn't gods will

Of Mexican descent I am still

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