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Gilles De Rais (&Quot;Le Bon Sire&Quot;) - текст песни

Gilles De Rais (&Quot;Le Bon Sire&Quot;)

One great french marshal, Gilles de Laval

Killed the innocent children

In the name of Demon,

Evil Count Of Brienne,

Who possessed by Satan

Enjoyed and reveled on the Orgy of Blood

Orgy in Blood was the biggest pleasure

For the Count Of Pederasty

Oh, Gilles de Rais, "Le bon sire"

Poor children of serfs

(for whom cried their mothers)

Died in awful castles

And these were their caskets

Gilles de Rais was rich,

But he ran into debt

because of his fantastic luxuries,

Therefore this count

Evoked the devil

And he slayed by Demonolatry

In the marshal's manor-houses

the devil-worship and black-art

were bred and prospered

By this pederast and his conjurer,

Francesco Prelati

Before the engagement of italian deceiver

Count Of Brienne massacred the children of beggars

And he laughed their spittings of blood

Oh, base Gilles de Rais, Oh, mean Count Of Sodomy

Children of serfs

(for whom cried their mothers)

Were Victimized by knight (Sodomite)

Oh, the children! Oh, the guiltless children!

The Count Of Arrogance, Gilles de Laval

Confessed on the Trial all his sins,

The Baron of Impertinence, Gilles de Rais

Slaughtered because of his culpable lust

The God-forsaken Squire committed forty murders,

For that very reason his name (and his gloriole)

Were blemished forever

By Blood of Innocent children

One mournful autumn day the guilty marshal (Gilles de Rais)

Perished for his atrocious sins (and his gory shame)

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