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Cops Runnin After Ya - текст песни

Cops Runnin' After Ya

I'm a bird with a fix

I lay with the roaches

My 85 Cutlass red and it be smoking

Posting and hustling

Struggling and plugging

Mean muggin and thuggin and cursing out you cop suckers

My all black soldier Reebok's with the bubble gum sole

Good for walking and running from the dumb ass popos

Mo hustling slicker than Earl, colder than furl

Trying to get a little something something in this cold cold world

Everybody and they mama out here shooting game

Perpetrating and faking, even the got damn preacher man

Gangstas harmonizing like my nigga Mo B

Prime Suspects, 3rd ward soldiers

Living raw better have my boulders

Shooting dog water all ya'l back up call

Rob with Silkk up in the Viper

Can't catch me, I know they don't like me

[Chorus x4]

Get it how ya live how we live be raw

I ain't bout being broke crooked officer

One more strike a nigga out of this bitch

Coppers on my ass I gotta think real quick

Trying to make it over for that LAP

Plus its dark in the trees, gone cushion the seat

For a smooth getaway, at least that's what I thought

Head up the alleyway they had two more cars

(Freeze mothafucka freeze, oh shit he's armed and dangerous)

I know that I'm a die if I let them coppers get me

My oozie got 32 rounds I'm taking two of ya bitches with me

I refuse to be a victim, going out like Adolf Arjay

You got a gun I got a gun I run no more bitch

NOPD trying to send me upstate

With a murder case, what the fuck

Can somebody pick the place

No not today I'm gone get mine

Never ever dying

But if I do than its cool, in between time of food

I got away

[Chorus x4]

I'm on some other shit

Some killed my brother shit

I'm out here getting and I'm gone get what I can get

Dicksuckers in my mothafucking place though

Smiling in my face

I keep my hand on my gun cause they got me on the run

Millimeter get to bucking your whole body turning numb

Now the cops running after me now I can't cope

I hit the parkway when I stash my dope

Cause if these pigs catch me slipping or tripping I'm dead

No suspects no motives, with two to the head

Fuck that I ain't with it, so I'm gone sell my dope

Yes its ran buy boat, but these niggaz can't cope

Cause they caught in the dope world

Fancy cars, fly clothes daytons and vogues

And these fucking pussy popping hoes

Them dick suckers fitting to been man they already done had

But fuck that I gots this mac so I'm busting back

Its hot as fuck, you better duck

The last thing in my mind in this world is being locked up

I'm on probation, life is what I'm facing

In this damn zoo

Them boys in blue is always after the crew

Because we stay true in doing what we do

(25 with a L son)

Man fuck you

And do this time shit never mind

I'd rather rhyme build my client

Get mine never blind and pack a nine

They never see my desperate signs

And fuck a bind

They think I'm blind to his kind

Crooked as fuck, you out of luck

Stuck in this cell, a living hell

Bust back, you might as well

peep this I'm clocking figures

Pulling triggers on niggaz that run up

They getting done up

From sun down to sun up

It don't stop I'm on the block slanging rocks

You crooked cops, they on my jock my glock

You cop catch me now I bust a shot

Get it how you live how we live be raw

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