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An Oath To My Kind - текст песни

An Oath To My Kind

Mesmerizing Whirling Fires In The Night

Through Which Visions Of Splendid Nature Is Brought To Sight

A World Of Foul Worms Crumbling In Their Filth

Burning Themselves Blindly To The Final Hilt

I Will Always Remember The Time I Understood

That They In Ignorance Spit On Me Would

For As Long As I Still Held On To Myself

Till Death For I Shall Not Break For Anything Else

Feeling The Weakness From Which They Flee

Knowing Their Fears I Know All Their Dreams

A Child Not Grasping The Meaning Of Mortality

Every Being Of Flesh Turns Out To Be

Ruled By Ignorantly Ethical Primates

My Struggle Will Forever Be A Stillmate

Without Pride In A World Not Knowing The Meaning Of The Word

I Am Forever The Bringer Of A Simple Truth Unheard

Mezmerising Stars Eternities Away

Listening To The Silent Symphonies Of The Night

Standing Alone Yet Never Lonely

Longing For Death Still Celebrating Life

Dark I Am In The Eyes Of Others

How Does The Blind Make Differance

Talking Monkeys Scorning All Truth In Fear

I Could Join Them But I Will Never Be Near

Borned And Taught By My Kind

I Learned Their Aims And Goals

Now To Be Scorned And Looked Down On

For Their Lies I Disobeyed

Disrupting Their Garded Patterns

They Fear I Will Break Their Circles

And Disseminate Clearness

The Weak Fear My Mind

So Then Hear My Oath Thou Of My Kind

Of Hatred Scorn And Disrespect

Behold My Affront To Thy Hierarchies

Be Certain I Shall Betray Thee

I Abdicate All Unity

With The Rulers Of This World

For Better Is The Animal

Than My Kind And Its Word

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