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Тексты песен на английском, аккорды, табулатуры, гитара, Texts of songs, the song text, chords, notes » Z » Zavorash
Prophecy Of Zavorash - текст песни

Prophecy Of Zavorash

When Our Kind Has Returned To The Valleys

When Northern Lights Fill The Skies

When The Domain Of Darkness Rises

Then All Else Shall Die

From The Frozen Realms We Shall Arise

Marching Down From The Permafrost

Turning Our Swords Towards The Shining

Until All Light Is Lost

Barbarians From The Land Of Snow And Ice

Shall Pilage And Prophane The Bright Paradise

Riding Proud On Slaughter

Of Battlehorns Forseen

Unionship Of Zavorash

Universals Of The North

Adverseries Of The Weak Ones

Through Whirling Storms We Roar

The Sons Of Thunders Time Shall Come

A World In Fear Bow For Them

Before Sent To Kingdom Come

We All Their Lifes Condemn

"And Then Came The Blast

Turbulent Destruction Icicled

Oh, How We Laughed

Majestic was This Revelation

Deadly Pact, Funeral Eternal

We Were Swords In This War

We Beheld Death And Shivered With Lust

We Were The Ones Who Turned The World To Dust"

Feel Spiritual Forces

Lurking The Woods Under Eons Of Stars

Breathe The Winds On The Mountains

And Let Thy Visions Fly Far

For Alone They Are Mighty

Together All Else Falls

Enstranged By Dark Fountains

In Which Milleniums Call

For Strong Unswerwing Riders

Glowing Spots In The Night Of Light

And For Swords To Be Unsheated

When The Time Is Right.


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