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Тексты песен на английском, аккорды, табулатуры, гитара, Texts of songs, the song text, chords, notes » Z » Zavorash
Dreams For Ingrates - текст песни

Dreams For Ingrates

All The Limpid Lies Are Tattered, Let This Betoken A Passed Ordeal

In Bereavement Of Immemorial Falsehood, Our Heinous Breed Is Revealed

Every Feasibility Of Hiding Vanquished, Wheedling And Detraction Exposed

As I Heaved These Shackles Of Mine, Then Cured The Ailment Of All Times

In Chimerical Fraternization, In Lewd Horrendous Crimes

They Ordain The Chronic Miserliness, Shibboleths Of Pure Rhymes

Seen As An Impious Urchin, I Shalt Never Be Lionized

Displaying The Cleavage Of Benignity, Premier In The Ordinal Of Lies

Lingering Immolation

Elucidation Of Complete Void

Arterial Dissimmolation

All In Modesty Foiled

Clandestine Yet Flagrant, Man Locked In Gullability

Earthbound. Universal, The Thought Killed In Conformity

The Preminitions Are Grizzled, In Luscious Hope Forlorn

In Vagrancy Voluminous, All Truth Becomes Torn

Defending The Presbytery Of Devolution, Militating For A Cause

Icebound In Shining Fiction, A Path Of Endless Loss

A Maligner They Made Me, Opprobrious They Remain

Yet I Have Their Jewel Shattered, Hence It Is All The Same

Though Still I Dream...

Lingering Desecration

Upon All I Wish In The End

Genocidal Annihilation

May All Gods Descend

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