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The Superior Creed - текст песни

The Superior Creed

Long I Searched What The Claim To See, And The Beauty Derived Thereof

Asking Why I Felt Like A Menace, To Them - Who Everything Solved

My Differences Seemed Racial, Though Ancestors I Then Lacked

Until The Orchard Of Mind Opened, And I Stood Completely Aback

Empty And Enlightened, I Drank Of The Miracles

Torn In The Metaphysical, The Void Became A Creed

As I Lost All The Addictions, And Triumphed In Deterministic Rule

Propounding World Perversion, In The Eyes Of The Herd

No Purity, Except A Tidal Hatred

No Sorrow, Though An Ego Degraded

And Love... I Miss This False Heaven

Let It Embrace, No Meaning Of Life

Never Repent, No Meaning In Lies

Faith Signed With Crossbones

Ecstacy... All Meaning Dies!

Insanity, If I By Thee Could Be Characterized

But My Laugh Is Not That Of A Madman

It Is The Fall Of One To Wise

Darkness, If Thee Were To Be My Palfray

But With Fiction Even Evil Died

Hence I Quashed My Last Hospice

This Is The Creed Trancending All Minds, The End Of Malformed Tales

Reaching For Every Thought Misbegotten, Feel The Void Of Reality's Nails

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